Text Box:  As chairperson of the 2014 Piedmont Pilgrimage, I want to welcome you.  This is the twelfth year theThe Piedmont Division of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) welcomes you to the 16th year of the Piedmont Pilgrimage, the hobby's premier model railroad open house tour.  This year there are over 70 layouts on tour.  The tour provides an opportunity to visit outstanding model railroad layouts of all sizes, scales and geographic locations.  The Piedmont Pilgrimage offers something for everyone.

The purpose of the Piedmont Pilgrimage is to promote the hobby of model railroading.  The Piedmont Division of NMRA has made a commitment to make the Pilgrimage their number one outreach program.  During the past sixteen years we have strived to make this annual event truly first class.  We have developed a website that not only allows visitors to learn the schedule of layouts on tour, but also review photos and read an overview about each layout.  In addition, we offer a paper tour book which can be obtained at your local hobby shops and other venues.

You can visit a wide range of layouts: Some are in the early stages of construction and some are highly detailed and close to completion.  Layout owners have a range of skill levels and knowledge.  Owners are friendly and most willing to share their knowledge with you. Owners have modeled many different scales and sizes.  We think this variety will encourage visitors to find their niche and become a model railroader.  If you visit one of our teenage modelers, please give them encouragement so they will be inspired to become the next super modeler.

Although it is difficult to know how successful we are in promoting the hobby or how many visitors actually become model railroaders, we do keep attendance statistics.  The scope of our reach is gratifying.  Many visitors come from outside the north Georgia Area.  Interestingly, visitors from a few distant locations include: Maine, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Texas, New Mexico, California, Washington state and Santiago Chile.

Check Information about the tour schedule and layouts on the Pilgrimage website (www.piedmontpilgrimage.com) or pick up our free tour booklet at your favorite hobby shop.  Please visit your local hobby shops for supplies and expert advice because they wholeheartedly support the Piedmont Pilgrimage and the hobby.

On behalf of the members of the Piedmont Division and the Pilgrimage committee we look forward to seeing you on the tour.

Gary Jarabek

Chairperson Piedmont Pilgrimage