Welcome to the 2016Piedmont Pilgrimage


The Piedmont Division of the National Model Railroad Association welcomes you to the 14th year of the Piedmont Pilgrimage, the hobby's premier model railroad open house tour.  The tour gives you an opportunity to visit outstanding model railroad layouts of all sizes and scales.  The Piedmont Pilgrimage offers something for everyone.

As you look at the booklet or visit the Piedmont Pilgrimage website for the first time, you may ask yourself whether it is worth the time and effort.  What will I get out of this experience?  In addition to the comments in the opening paragraph we will address these questions for the first time visitor and the repeat visitor.

As a first time visitor you may have seen pictures of model railroads.  You may have become interested in the real thing as you sit at a railroad crossing thinking where is all this freight coming from, where is it going, or what is in those freight cars?  You may have actually visited a model railroad in the past and thought it was pretty cool.  Possibly you are at a point in your life when you need something new to stimulate your daily routine.  Now is the opportunity to see what this hobby is about.  You will be able to visit 90 model railroads ranging from small sizes to larger sizes including one you can actually ride.  You will be able to see layouts in the beginning stages and some almost complete with scenery and details.  You can ask questions about how or why the host got into the hobby and why he/she chose the scale train being modeled?

Now for those of you who are already hooked on the hobby, you may ask why one should visit another model railroad?  There are so many facets to this hobby: concept, research, design, planning, wood working, electrical, modeling, creativity, materials and new products that seeing what other modelers are doing is just one benefit.  Hosts provide a resource for helping you solve some problem you may be facing or a resource for helping those of you just embarking on this venture.  Are you having a problem with DCC, scenery, or laying track, just ask a host who has done that.  These are only a few areas that I have mentioned that will benefit you for making the time and effort to visit the Piedmont Pilgrimage.

Our hosts have worked hard to build their layouts.  They are excited to show you their accomplishments.  Please respect the time and effort they have put forth and remember to look, enjoy, ask questions, and take photos.  Please do not touch the models and while we encourage you to bring children, make sure they understand the rules and do not touch the layout.

Information about the tour schedule and layouts is also available in the Piedmont Pilgrimage Tour Booklet available at hobby shops and other venues.  Please visit your local hobby shops for supplies and expert advice because they support the Piedmont Pilgrimage and the hobby.

On behalf of the members of the Piedmont Division, we look forward to seeing you on the tour.

Gary Jarabek

Chairperson Piedmont Pilgrimage