Tom Brennison MMR's New River Valley Railway (HO)

Over 5 Years on Tour
Contact Information
Tom Brennison MMR
Scale HO
Size 18' x 26'
Prototype Loosely based on the N&W, Virginian
Locale Southwestern Virginia
Era 1950's-1960's
Layout Style Island
Len. Mainline Layout Height: 36" - 75"
Benchwork Roadbed: Fiberboard
Trackwork 90% handlaid, including turnouts
Turnout Min. Variable
Min. Radius 26"
Maximum Grade 3.5% +
Scenery 95% complete
Backdrop Yes
Controls DCC
Wheelchair Accessible No

"The New River Valley Railroad" is a fictitious railroad, set in Southwestern Virginia, depicting the area where I grew up.  The era is thelate 50's, early 60's showcasing double headed Mallet coal drags with 2-8-8-2 helpers as well.  It's also the era of the first generation diesels which were becoming more prevalent on the Virginian and N&W railroads.  It is an HO layout, utilizing DCC for control;  mostly hand laid track and individually cut ties in addition to many hand built turnouts.  Several scratched built, kit bashed and believe it or not, complete kit structures are scattered about the layout. The scenery is 95% complete and the trains actually run...most of the time."