Philip and Linda Stead's D&RGW San Juan Division (On3)

Over 5 Years on Tour
Contact Information
Philip and Linda Stead

Layout Tour Dates

Sunday, November 8, 2020 - 9:00am

Important Note: For 2020, there will be no "open house", in-person layout tours.  All Piedmont Pilgrimage tours will be "virtual", video-only tours.

Layout Description:

Scale On3
Size 1500 sq ft
Prototype Denver and Rio Grande Western
Locale Chama New Mexico to Alamosa Colorado
Era Circa 1949
Layout Style Linear along the basement walls
Len. Mainline 300 ft
Layout Height 42 base, 66 summit
Benchwork Hollow core doors on L-girder
Roadbed Cork on Homasote
Trackwork Precision Scale flextrack
Turnout Min #6
Min Radius 42"
Maximum Grade 4%
Scenery 80% Complete
Backdrop 300' painted mural
Controls Digitrax
Wheelchair Accessible No