Joseph Surowiec's Coal River and Southern Railroad (CR&S) [Stone Mountain, GA] (HO)

Layout Tour Dates

Sunday, November 7, 2021 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm
In-person tour of an indoor model railroad. This host has NO SPECIAL RESTRICTIONS for healthy guests who do not have Covid-19 symptoms.
Coal River and Southern Railroad (CR&S) [Stone Mountain, GA]
5415 Summer Cove Dr
Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Over 5 Years on Tour
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Joseph Surowiec
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Across lawn area
Layout Details

The video above is a replay from our 2020 "virtual" Piedmont Pilgrimage.

For 2021, this will be an in-person tour of this indoor model railroad. 

Layout Description:

The Coal River & Southern RR (CR&S) is modeled after a short line railroad which may once have operated in the coal mining regions of Appalachia during the 10 year transitional era from 1945 to 1955.  It connects the areas of Coal River, Tunnel Hill, Belmont and Ashland while serving a variety of supporting industries and businesses along its main line.   The railroad operates both steam and diesel-electric locomotives.  Industries include coal mining, coke processing, timber, livestock, recycling, oil and fuel, and general freight.  Passenger service also serves commuters and tourists.


The CR&S began construction in January 2010 as U-shaped, walk around layout designed to double the available scenery opportunities.  Operational concepts and track plans are original to the owner and encompass tunnels, bridges, water features, mountains, tunnels, lowlands, cuts and fills.  Expansion has occurred four times since the original layout was constructed. 


The railroad bench work is freestanding with plywood and insulation foam board surfaces. Atlas code 83 flextrack is used exclusively. Terrain is constructed with built up foam board and plaster cloth. Room walls serve as the backdrop and have been painted blue with airbrushed clouds.  Acrylic and latex paints are used almost exclusively.


Most buildings and structure are kit built.  Approximately 1000 trees are planted across the layout.  Woodland Scenics materials are used throughout.




 25’ by 12’


 Southern Railroad short line subsidiary 


 Southeastern Mountain region


 Transition era (1940-1960)


 Walkaround U-shape

Len. of Mainline

 100’ on two levels

Layout Height



 L-Girders on open grid


 Cork and ballast


 Atlas Flextrack Code 83


 Atlas #6 & #8, using Caboose Industries ground-throws 

Min. Radius


Maximum Grade



 99% Complete, using foam & plaster cloth on L-girders 


 Painted room walls


 Digitrax DCC with Simplex Radio



One mile west of Five Forks Trickem and Rockbridge Roads